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Things to watch out in the “Purpose Performance”

The wait is finally over and the Indian fan base of “Beliebers” we get to witness live Justin with  “The Purpose Tour” in Mumbai’s very own DY Patil Stadium on the 10th of May. Isn’t this cool? 

Here are a few things “Beliebers” will get to see and experience the performance they expect to see otherwise in another Justin Bieber concert only.

Breathtaking Visuals and stage Effects:

As seen from the other “ Purpose” concerts, the 10th May event will be a demonstration of marvelous stage and light effects which will be suited to perfection to the music and showmanship.


Breathtaking Dancing Acts:

Justin’s huge Troupe of acrobats and dancers which contains sketches of artists like David Shreibman, Calena, Matt Mostly etc will be putting up great choreographic acts which communicate the dancing tone of the album as and when required with the songs.



Breathtaking Acoustic and Drum Acts:

A self-taught child genius with the guitar, Piano, and Violin, Justin will bring to you the style of “Love Yourself” with an acoustic solo guitar performance which is exactly the kind of treatment the song deserves

Not only this but he will also be incorporating a  Drum Solo while lifted on the platform at a distance.


The overall Narrative of the Concert:

The performance won’t be a simple rock band act led by the words of the one front man and his performers. The directors have put in a lot to add various symbolic representations behind each and every song which can be manifested with light effects, stage movements, dance and various.


Dubstep and Techno Vibes:

The contribution of Skrillex and Diplo will give a lot of dubstep and techno elements to the performance of “Where are you now”

skrillex diplo and bieber
Opening Acts:

Beside Alan Walker (if you remember “faded”) New Delhi DJs Zaeden and Sartek will be igniting your spark for the explosion that will come ahead

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