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Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen To These 10 Independent Artists Who’ll Blow Away Your Minds!

Are you tired of listening to the same old music over and over again? Are you itching to discover something new and exciting? Guess what guys? You’re in luck! Check out this list of 10 AMAZING independent artists that we simply fell in love with. We know some of you can be picky about genres, so we’ve included a little bit of everything in our list. Enjoy!!!

  1. Spud in the Box

Opening for Norah Jones, performing alongside artists and bands such as Indus Creed, The Raghu Dixit Project, Shaa’ir + Func, Soulmate, Blackstratblues, and tearing up the stage at India’s biggest and baddest music festivals such as A Summer’s Day, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, The Kala Ghoda Festival, The Pepsi MTV Indies launch, Live from the Console, India Music Week, The M.A.D. Festival, Ragasthan, the Revival of the Bandstand festival, and the Celebrate Bandra Festival are only some of the reasons why you should definitely give SitB a listen. This six -piece alternative rockband from Mumbai, formed in 2011 was the first band in India to perform atop the Red Bull Tour Bus in India. They are all set to release their debut full length album ‘Lead Feet Paper Shoes’. Check out their songs ‘Train of Thought’ and ‘Institute of Madness’ for some great lyrics, great music and a great experience.

  1. Skyharbor

For all you hard-core metal lovers Skyharbor is one band you can’t go wrong with. With two albums released worldwide ‘Blinding White Light: Illusion and Chaos’ in 2012 and ‘Guiding Lights’ in 2014, this band set to change the metal scene and put India on the global metal map once and for all. Skyharbor presently has members   from New Delhi, Mumbai as well as from Cleveland, Ohio. Skyharbor plays a style of progressive metal drawing elements of the orchestration of Oceansize and Karnivool and the dream pop influenced alternative metal of the Deftones. Give a listen to ‘Evolution’ and ‘Chemical Hands’ for metal magnificence!

  1. Run! It’s The Kid

A band based in New Delhi, Run! It’s the Kid performs music as unique as their name. With their base being mainly waltz-rock, the sound of this band is perfect for an evening of slightly lighter, soothing music. With one self-titled album under its hat, released in 2016, the band is building up a steady set of followers all over the country. ‘Forgetting How To Swim’ and ‘Love We’re Made From Porcelain’ are some great songs by the band.

  1. Vernon Noronha

Mumbai based singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha will have you crying and smiling within minutes if giving him a listen – just like he did for us. A songwriter of instinct, Vernon Noronha has a flair for writing imaginative and artistic songs that leave listeners moved by the raw emotion in them. Give a listen to ‘Come Back Jack’ and ‘I Have Time’, both tracks from his album Closer To Home, released in 2016.

  1. The Hansraj Projekt

The Hansraj Projekt is a band that fuses folk, sufi and elements of rock together beautifully. With titles such as IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo and IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous under its belt, this band is sure to impress, especially with songs such as ‘When You’ and ‘Dilda Bhed’.

  1. Advaita

One of the older band on this list, and formed in 2004, Advaita is a name that almost all music-crazy Dehiites have heard. A band that works at fusing indian and western flavours of music,Advaita has already released three albums – Grounded in Space (2009), The Silent Sea (2012, for which they won a Global Indian Music Award) and a compilation album Drops of Earth (2013). A gretat song to start off with would be  ‘Ghir Ghir’ and ‘Durga’.

  1. Tejas Menon

Gifted with a voice that’ll surely stop your heart and music that will bring you back to life, Tejas Menon from Mumbai has a certain boyish charm about him. His songs are catchy and will definitely give you leave you humming involuntarily. Having recently released his debut EP ‘Small Victories’, Tejas has made quite an entry into the music scene of India, and is probably here to stay for quite some time. Give a listen to ‘Ruby’ and ‘Evidence’.

8. Drift! The Trio

If you love jazz, then Drift! The Trio definitely deserves a listen. And even if you don’t love jazz, this band might just flip your opinion on its head. With already one abum released in 2013,titled Nico, this band is one of the more seasoned Jazz bands in India at the moment. The trio have performed over 300 gigs all over India and is just getting started.  Check out ‘In A Turn Of Events’.

  1. River

Yes, their music is as fluid as their name sounds. Wowing crowds with their jaw-dropping three-way harmony, this quartet sure does raise expectations. Check out their song ‘Please Don’t Leave’ and sure enough, you’ll be hooked. They don’t have a lot of tracks recorded yet, but here’s to hoping they release some more. Check them out at the countless music festivals they perform at, or the live at gigs mainly around Delhi.

  1. Parvaaz

It’s no small task to earn a reputation big enough to open for a band like Alt-J. With lyrics that are mainly Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri, Parvaaz is a band who’s sound actually gave us goosebumps when we first heard it. Don’t believe us? Then give a listen to ‘Beparwah’ and judge for yourself.

So what’s so great about this list of independent artists? IT’S INCOMPLETE! Don’t stop with these artists and bands. Make sure you go out and discover some more. There’s tons of great music out there, just waiting to be heard. Till then, keep Musing!

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