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A roll out of Drum ‘N’ Bass at Bandstand – With Rohan Kale and UP7T

A roaring success, it was, when UP7T and Rohan Kale showed off their mixes at Bandstand last night. It was all about Drum N Bass, jungle, and footwork. The feel of the reverberations created such an environment that one couldn’t refrain from tapping one’s feet on the floor. Heads swaying to the beat and finding the right rhythm to nod at were some of the facets of this artist night at the exciting venue in Aurobindo market.


Bandstand is one of the most happening live music venues in Delhi and is turning out to be a go to destination to listen to the budding musicians from all over the country. An essential place for the live music enthusiasts, it brings the artists and the audience together to create a musical jamboree. As much as giving a platform to new talents, it keeps its visitors entertained with some event or the other happening almost throughout the week. It is a chic destination to have a good time with some great music.

Apart from having a spacious bar counter where one can have drinks, Bandstand also has a large balcony sitting area where one can relish food which has a range of Mediterranean and world fusion fare. The drinks are refreshing with a certain focus on the classic cocktails. As for the ambiance, it is again a fusion of modern and traditional elements with graffiti and a grunge theme. This rustic setting adds to the thematic ambiance and atmosphere of the place.

We, at Musejam, got to have a tête-à-tête with Prachi who is the Cultural Head of Bandstand.

Prachi KapilShe told us that they have events taking place every day except for Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, they have a Ladies’ Night and they have recently started a new thing on Wednesday. It’s all about 90s music, inclined more towards rock but amalgamating other genres as well. The 1+1 beer offer stands for this mid-week event.

She takes pride in telling us that Bandstand doesn’t play commercial music. They rather hand over the stage to indie and underground artists on Thursday evening and let people enjoy the offerings by local talent. And as it was last night, Fridays are a hostage to certain major artists and the choice of music ranges from techno to more bass heavy stuff. Saturdays are left to old school hip-hop. Once a month, they also organize an open-mic on a Sunday. The next one to take place is on 15 January.

As for the selection criteria for the musicians who get this platform at Bandstand, she says that she listens to the artists and chooses them accordingly.

“I can’t only do it according to my preferences, though. I am a rock person through and through. All I’ve grown up listening to is rock. (In the end)It has to be in the taste of the venue and the crowd is pretty niche. It’s nothing commercial, it’s completely underground music. So, whoever I select has to be in sync with the preferences of the venue and who the crowd would like,” she adds.   

bandstand 1

The kind of audience that they cater to depends on the event of the night in question. People generally come in accordance with the kind of music and artists who are performing. “We also have a dedicated group of regulars who come in twice or thrice a week.”

About the popular cocktails on the menu, she told us that people seem to like their whiskey sour a lot. They have an interesting old-fashioned drinks menu too. The watermelon surprise is particularly appealing for the ladies.


Coming to the musicians who rocked the scene last night, these were Ayush Arora (who goes by the stage name UP7T) and Rohan Kale.

Ayush is a Delhi based bass music enthusiast. It was when he was doing his post-graduation in nthe UK that he got in touch with the local electronic music scene in Manchester. After frequent visits to the gigs, he developed quite an interest in the genre and attained a broad knowledge about the same. His interpretation of bass music is a mix of deep dubstep, footwork, and grime.

Rohan Kale Rohan, like Ayush, delved into the electronic music while studying at a Tech Music School in the UK.    While he was in London, he started djing local pub nights and house parties and created a collection of music tracks from all genres. He has since returned to Delhi and now, he is a well-known artist in the scene. We got to talk to Rohan about his journey as a musician and his future ventures.

“I started playing guitar when I was pretty young  for my band Cyanide.” He was the lead guitarist of the band and toured extensively with his fellow members till he was 18. He tells us that they were at the time performing for a large crowd, catering to an audience of as many as 8000 people. He left the band and went on for his studies at a music college in the UK. That is where he got into electronic music, started producing music and toured across London and Finland. It was in 2015 that he made a return to India and made a name as a DJ. His interests are particularly in the area of producing music which has techno and Drum n Bass elements.

When asked about the difference in the music scene between London and over here, he says that the difference is pretty massive. London, being one of the meccas of music in the world, has a very vibrant scene while it is not quite so here. The focus on Indian artists is increasing gradually and the music scene is rather seeing quite a lot a change.

“I was out abroad for some years and when I came back, everything had changed,” he comments. According to him, the Internet has made the indie artists and their work more accessible. As a result of that, many upcoming bands have found success by attracting a massive audience. It was because of the power of the rise of internet accessibility in India that electronic music became popular. It was not good for bands and musicians like him. The rock music was dying. And they had to make a transition to new demands and as he calls it, “it was not a smooth transition.”

As for his upcoming events, he is still planning it out with his manager. The Friday event was his first of the year. He will be performing in Shillong in February and he has a gig planned out for Holi. Nothing is final in regards to his participation in festivals. But the exciting news is that he is working on an EP which would most probably come out this summer.

Eventually, Rohan wants to establish himself abroad and produce his own music while supporting his fellow artists.

Rohan and Ayush, both created an upbeat environment last night. We look forward to more such performances by these young musicians while also checking out the many interesting events taking place at Bandstand.

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