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May this Indie crescendo go on and on and on…

What is better than the live intermingling of the many sounds to create an aura of awe and wonder? This departing year has been quite influential in raising the feel and rush of live music in the country. The EP’s in live music space have been on the rise, with bands and musicians from the many different genres vying to produce some of the best tracks. And the result has been quite spectacular, to say the least.

The youth wants the best and the most of it year after year. The aspirations for music that stirs the soul and tugs at the heartstrings have made it possible. This popular demand is significant because it would determine the future course of the live music scene in India. But what happens in the future would come to our notice eventually. Right now, let us make you feel nostalgic for all the boisterous and beguiling music we got to hear this year. It’s terrific.

Some of the most affective EP’s of 2016 are listed as follows:

In Dearth of by Death by Fungi
What better genre to begin with but for
metal? When the dreadful degeneration of metal seemed inevitable, we have seen the rise of enthusiastic musicians producing such experimental and viable tracks that you wouldn’t want to stop listening to them, totally countering the predictions. This hypnosis is definitely felt in Mumbai-based hardcore trio Death by Fungi’s latest album, In Dearth Of. Trust me, this album is in dearth of nothing. It is groovy, it is hot and it is compelling. The killer tracks like Black Lung and Iced are seething with aggression and absolute freedom.

Orchid by Orchid
Similarly, the dynamic metallers, Orchid from Bangalore have produced a masterpiece in their titular album. This debut EP is a thing of wonder. From the jazzy interludes of Venusian Death to the brutally haunting Disorder, there seems to be no fault at all. Because there can be none, when the tracks are so multifaceted and pitch-perfect.

Closer to Home by Vernon Noronha
Coming down a notch, we have to talk about the debut EP, Closer to Home by Vernon Noronha. This singer-songwriter is an alchemist, turning every string and every word into an aqueous gold. Some ‘whiskey in jar’ and serenading vocals in Come Back Jack can take you down a memory lane and make you face the chasm of emotions. His smooth vocals and the gentle strumming of guitar are accompanied by some meaningful lyrics.


Propaगेंडा by Underground Authority
The straight to the point and pitchforked confluence of rap and rock in Underground Authority’s Propaगेंडा has been another highlight this year. Pizzazz is the word that describes their style, thought-process and raw energy. Raasta Tera, featuring Nikhita Gandhi is the most impressive in an already-remarkable list. Its reggae vibe and duolingo give you a certain kind of unmistakable delight.


Peeping Till It’s Noise by Your Chin
Amongst some other impressive albums of the year include
Your Chin’s Peeping Till It’s Noise, with its unique vocals and vicarious and metaphoric writing.

Babel by Unohu
Alt-rock band
Unohu’s Babel (Tower of Babel is a myth that explains the origin of languages) speaks to the listener through its lyrical themes. Released in August, it is recognizable in the tracks’ complicated structures. Call My Name stands out the most.

Raja Raja by Nucleya
Nucleya’s Raja Baja gained quite a reputation over its launch at the NH7 Weekender. He proves time and again that he does things which are uber cool and trendy.


Yarns by Paraphoniks
Yarns is a futuristic product of the synth duo Paraphoniks. It explores space age sound effects, mixed with 80s synth sound. It is an exploration of an uncommon area of music.

Small Step by Gumbal
Mumbai based band
Gumbal’s Small Step derives inspiration from Neil Armstrong. Its sound is reminiscent of David Bowie and Radiohead.

With the Flow by The Hoodwink Circle
Hoodwink Circle have delivered an enigmatic EP in the form of With the Flow. They draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere ranging from punctuality to a bike.


The Delirium of Negation by Weird Anxiety and Centuries of Decadence by Godless
Death metal has been vitally visible in
Weird Anxiety’s The Delirium of Negation and Centuries of Decadence by Hyderabad’s Godless. The squeals and powerfully rendered riffs of the former while the skull-crushing and ruthless capacity of the latter create a magnificent atmosphere.


Such a phenomenal scene is indeed awe-inspiring. It is an indication of a much vibrant music waiting for us in the new year. Real music is alive and budding in the country. Let’s wait and see what more is in store for us.

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