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Where to party this New Year’s eve?

The New Year is almost here. It’s of an utmost importance that we celebrate, if not the beginning of 2017, then at least the end of (dreary for many) 2016. Music, booze, and that uncontrollable itch to dance and frolic must be our priority now. Incidentally, the falling of New Year’s eve on the weekend is a blessing. We can wreak havoc on the dance floor and pass the first Sunday after a pleasurable streak of the night before.

Parties are taking place everywhere. Some like to organize house parties to celebrate with family and friends. And others decide to take to the nightclubs for the fascinating reverie taking place in such joints. Whatever you choose to do, you should have all the fun that you want to have and begin a new year with your spirits high and your hearts aspiring for a good time.

We are listing here forth some of the best nightclubs you can visit for a phenomenal time.

  • Kitty Su, The Lalit, New Delhi

    One of the most happening places in New Delhi, Kitty Su is bustling with the partygoing crowd throughout the year. The New Year’s eve is just another time. It’s going to be an unforgettable night filled with unadulterated music, live performances, champagne, and shots, to make you forget yourself and celebrate the new year in style.
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

    The people of South Delhi can celebrate in style at the Hard Rock Cafe. The masquerade party this New Year’s eve is bound to be really exciting. DJ Ashish Nagpal for his playlist, filled with a mix of retro, Bollywood, commercial and effervescent Rock music. It’s a party to look out for.
  • Club Cubana, Arpora, Goa

    Club Cubana is a place for party animals. It holds one of the most chilling New Year parties in the country. It is frequented by the models and actors alike. From VIP jacuzzi to canopied lounges, there are so many avenues of having fun at this place. The location is spectacular unto itself and partying under the starry sky must have its own charm. 
  • Tito’s, Goa

    Tito’s is well known for its special DJ mashup for the new year parties. The environment is lovely and the people going crazy to the trans and party aura taking hold over everything and everyone. With barely any space left empty, the lanes become the dancing floor as well and any vehicular movement becomes entirely impossible. It is a holy place for the party lovers in the country.
  • Hill Top, Vagator, Goa

    Hill Top is absolutely ready for hosting yet another rocking New Year’s party this year. The madness is back with artists like DJ and musician Ajja, spinmaster Tristan and the Israeli project Outsiders performing for the evening. All in all, about 15 artists are going to serenade an enraptured audience.
  • Mantra, The Park, Delhi

    You can party the parkway by swaying to the retro Bollywood music at Mantra. A more Indianized experience, the New Year’s party at Mantra is appealing for many. The drinks will be flowing along with some amazing food. It’s in vogue right now to enjoy the small pleasures at a place like this.
  • Shiro, Mumbai

    You can welcome the new year in style with an elegance and beauty at Shiro in Mumbai. It is glamorous and intriguing. Dancing to your favorite commercial and dance tunes, there’s always wonderful drinks to quench the thirst. It is a lavish affair and quite a grand one at that.
  • Take It Easy, Mumbai

    The most ravishing place for the party this year end has to be Take It Easy. You can enjoy the view of the four different destinations at one place. The ambiance is going to be such which would entrance the partygoers. With an open air space, a blast of music and long and extensive bar, this place is just plain old wonderful.
  • AER, Mumbai

    Cited as the best rooftop place for partying in Mumbai, AER’s new year party is eagerly awaited. It’s a lovely black and gold theme this new year’s eve. Sparkling drinks will be flowing to the magical environment created by the music of DJ Pritam.

F Beach house is the most stylish nightclub of Pune. For the New Year’s party, they guarantee a once in a lifetime experience with great music by the most versatile DJs. There will be a mix of commercial, EDM and Bollywood to dance to at the venue.


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