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Why You Should Attend Music Festivals

There’s nothing in the world like a music festival. Seeing your favorite musicians surrounded by thousands of other fans creates an atmosphere that can’t be replicated —it’s euphoric. As fans, we save up our money, we wait all year, and when the day, weekend, or week comes: we go all out. Painted faces, painted cars, mad outfits, and insane shenanigans. Reasons to attend a Music Festival? Musejam gives you 8 such reasons!


If you are a music fan, and your favorite artist is playing at a festival, there is no  better way than to experience their music then live! Plus, it is a really good way to discover new artists/genres. A lot of emergent artists and bands play for their first time at smaller stages at such festivals.

Memorable moments

Normally you would go to a music festival with a group of friends and you can be sure you will have an amazing time. It is about the road trip, getting together to the sound of music, drinking under the sun. In other words, enjoying life!

Socializing- Edit

Everybody is there to enjoy their time and have fun, it is so easy to start talking to people and make new friends. That’s the festival ambiance!

Put on the punk outfits

People see festivals as a moment of escape and liberation, a place where you can be completely who you want to be and you are free to express yourself. What’s the best way to do it with your outfit? Some festivals even have a theme: it’s like going to a huge fancy dress party!


A bit like dressing up, even face paint is part of the festival merriment. The best part: people won’t look at you like you are a weirdo!

Enjoy the weather

The sun is up in the sky, no clouds; the breeze is blowing through your hair. And what if it is raining; the best part is you can still enjoy!

Spotting a celebrity

Are you a celebrity freak, and would line up at albums premieres just to have an autograph? A music festival is the place for you! You don’t have to queue, or wait in a crowd to catch a glimpse of your favorite– you might happen to bump into celebrities.

It’s fun!

There are no other words to describe it: the music, your friends, dressing up, being outside, meeting people, laughing, enjoying life!

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