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You don’t Get A Chance Without Struggling : Man Goes Human

Regarded as perhaps the most intriguing, and experimentally cutting edge musical act, Delhi-based Alternative Rock band Man.Goes Human, have recently released their much-awaited debut album in August . With guitarist Sharan, drummer Sanjana , vocalist Aditya , and bassist Shitij Gulati ; Man Goes Human music is fervently defiant of any genre, pattern, or form, and has redefined the very persona of a musician in the Indian independent music scene. We spoke to Shitij about his upcoming projects and connection with Indian Live Music Scene

  1. Hi Shitij, thanks for giving us your time. Let’s dive straight in. Can you give us a little look into your story as a Live Music artist in India?

Man.Goes Human has been a live act since late 2012 and has already covered all major venues in Delhi-NCR. We have toured Singapore (venues like Crazy Elephant), performed at the South Asian Bands Festival, 2012 and been covered by CNN-IBN for an offbeat election parody on Indian politics. We are the first band to do a crowd-sourced Father’s Day song, for a reputed brand like Motorola, performed real-time at the request of fans and webcast LIVE across India. Also featured on Balcony TV and performed for Pepsi MTV Indies, we won the 2 months long Hindustan Times War of the Jammers from amongst 60 bands.

Our debut album, released August 2015, has also received great reviews from bloggers, international music magazines, radio airplay (both indie national and abroad) and prominent critics like Sanjoy Narayan and sites like MTV Indies.

You can listen to the album at

  1. When you consider the Live Music scene in other places, what qualities and differences do you think exist in India?

For one, people outside India are ready to lend an ear to new and experimental stuff. They don’t shy away from listening to something which is not run of the mill. Here, you have to cover popular commercial numbers to start making a mark and then introduce your own style very subtly if you want to get recognition.

  1. In the last half decade, Indian Live Music scene has expanded majorly. From being restricted to VJs and DJs of MTV and V to now open field access to industry. What do you think brought this change and where this leads to?

Digital is what happened to music. That’s how everyone’s getting access to different stuff, experimentation is happening, people are discovering more and this is leading to more and more talented people blossoming into the scene. This obviously is pretty encouraging for independent people like us who are trying to carve a niche for ourselves in the industry.

  1. What has been your experience with Music Festivals and the industry in general? Is it a collaborative industry or a sword-in-the-stone benchmark where you have to prove yourself first?

You gotta prove yourself first, carve a niche slowly, steadily and take it from there. You don’t get a chance without struggling obviously. But that’s the case with everything!

  1. Excited about your upcoming events?

This year has been great when it comes to events. We have a few lined up in Delhi NCR, vying for the NH7 weekender (fingers crossed), a concept for Comic Con, a few corporate shows till the end of the year and our normal venues across HKV and Gurgaon!

  1. Let’s talk favorites, what are your favorite venues to perform?

Hard Rock, Farzi, we love the Amphitheater in Cyber Hub, and Crazy Elephant in Singapore remains the number 1!

  1. Upcoming ventures such as album launch or anything.

Just launched our album in August. Hoping for a single release this year and another album by the first half of next year to NH7 Weekender.


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