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Top 10 Sufi Artists

Sufism comes from the teachings of Muhammad which are said to be strengthening the bonds between an individual and the all-powerful and almighty God. With time, these teachings started to flow to the masses in the form of music and thus a new genre in music called Sufi Music was developed. This music preached Sufism and not a particular religion, which was the reason for the success of Sufism

Gems of Sufi Music Are as follows :

1.Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen (born 1954) is a famous Pakistani singer known for her beautiful renditions of Sufi poetry. Apart from Punjabi and Sindhi Sufi poetry, she also sometimes sings Urdu ghazals. Her rendition of Heer Waris Shah and Kabir are also held high among the music enthusiasts.She’s considered one of the finest vocalists of the present age.



2. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is unarguably the most famous Pakistani artist of Qawwali. His musical projects with Peter Gabriel introduced Qawwali to the western audiences, in which he experimented with blending eastern sounds over western instruments. His admirers are as far as Japan, where he was considered a reincarnation of laughing Buddha due to his strong resemblance.


3. Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur was born on 16 December in a Sikh family in Delhi and inherited music from her father, Savinder Singh, who owns a factory of musical instruments.

She has performed with some of the leading music directors (including A R Rahman, Amit Trivedi,Pritam Chakroborty, Vishal-Shekhar,Salim Suleiman) as well as on some notable Bollywood songs in the 21st century. These include Katiya Karun from Rockstar, Heer from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Bari Barsi from Band Baaja Baaraat, Kabira from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Ik Onkar from Rang De Basanti and much more.


4. Rabbi Shergill

Rabbi Shergill (born Gurpreet Singh Shergill, 1973) is an Indian musician well known for his debut album Rabbi and the chart-topper song of 2005, Bullah Ki Jaana (“I know not who I am!”). His music has been described variously as a rock, Punjabi, with a banistyle melody, and  Sufi-style (sufiana), and “semi-Sufi semi-folksy kind of music with a lot of Western arrangements. Shergill has been called “Punjabi music‘s true urban balladeer.


5. Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa has performed over 1000 concerts in approximately ten years across the globe. He has not only performed for the south east Asian diaspora, but also for international audiences in festivals and venues such as GlobalFest at New York’s Webster Hall, Kennedy Center (Washington D.C.), Stern Grove Festival (San Francisco), Celebrate Brooklyn, Santa Monica Pier Festival (LA), Fillmore Center (San Francisco), Hollywood Bowl (LA), Hammersmith Apollo (London), Symphony Hall (Birmingham), Massey Hall (Toronto).


6. Wadali Brothers

The Wadali Brothers – Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali – are Sufi singers and musicians from Guru Ki Wadali in the Amritsar District in Punjab, India. Born into the fifth generation of musicians given to singing the messages of Sufi saints, the Wadali brothers dabbled in the most unexpected of professions before they became Sufi singers. While Puranchand Wadali, the elder brother, was a regular in an akhara (English: wrestling ring) for 25 years, Pyarelal contributed to the meager family income by playing the role of Krishna in the village rasleela.


7. Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali is considered as one of the best ghazal singers of his era. His style and variations in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blended Hindustani classical music with ghazals, unlike any other Ghazal singer. Highly popular in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, as well as amongst South Asian diaspora in the USA, the UK, and the Middle Eastern Countries. Many of his hit ghazals have been used in Bollywood movies. His famous ghazals are Chupke Chupke Raat Din, Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi,Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa, Kiya Hai Pyar Jisé, May Nazar Sé Pee Rahahoon, Mastana Peeyé, Yé dil yé pagal dil, Apni Dhoon Mein, His recent album “Hasratein” was nominated in the Best Ghazal Album category at Gima 2014.


8. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat was chosen by his uncle Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for tutoring in the traditions of Qawwali music and was precociously singing with his uncle and father by the age of three. At the age of seven, he began formal training with his uncle and he performed first time in public at the age of nine at the death anniversary of his grandfather. From age fifteen, he was made an integral part of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘s qawwali group which was famous throughout the world.


9. Master Saleem
Saleem’s first album, Charkhe Di Ghook, was released when he was 10 years old. It was released on the label Sur Taal, created by his father’s friend, Majinder Singh Goli, and went on to become a hit. This led to several Punjabi music and religious albums and live shows. His song Dhol Jagiro Da also became a huge hit and giving him wide popularity.


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