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10 Ancient Music Tracks Musejam Found For You

When we say Musejam is a content discovery platform, we mean it! Everyone agrees that music is eternal, timeless. So we figured, let’s time travel. Below you will find ten ancient music tracks we dug out from history. Each of these tracks came into being millennia and centuries ago. Ancestors centuries apart from us enjoyed, swayed and grooved to these sounds.
Time to truly experience the tradition

  1.  Ancient Greek :


2. Ancient Roman:

3. 13th Century Occitan Poetry Music

4. Ancient Vedic Hymn for Shiva

5. Raga Bhimpalasi, one of the most widely performed Ancient Indian Ragas with an interesting modern rendition

6. Hymn to Nemesis: An ancient Greek song

7. Ancient Byzantine (Romanian) Gospel:  

8. Procession at Thebes: Ancient Egyptian Music   

 9. Ancient Irish Music

10. Ancient African Drumming (recorded in 1920)  

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