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Top 10 Jazz Artists Who Are Ruling India

Aditya Balani :

Aditya an eclectic guitarist, composer and songwriter has worked with bands like Advaita, Artistes Unlimited, Crimson, Think Floyd, Incognito and performed with international artists like Kenwood Dennard, Shye Ben-Tzur, David Fiuczynski, Carl Clements and Shubha Mudgal to name a few. In 2010 he graduated (summa cum laude) from Berklee College of Music (USA), where he received the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, won the Kenwood Dennard artist competition and performed at various celebrated events like the International Folk Music Festival and Guitar Night Showcase

Ranjit Barot

Ranjit has recently released his highly acclaimed worldwide debut album, ‘Bada Boom’, in November 2010, featuring some of the greatest musicians on the scene today, from India and the West. This album is a collection of Ranjit’s Jazz Fusion and World compositions with performances by Ustad Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, U. Srinivas, U. Rajesh, Scott Kinsey, Matt Garrison, Wayne Krantz, Dominique DiPiazza, Harmeet Manseta, Taufique Qureshi, Sanjay Divecha, Tim Garland, Gwilym Symcock, Ayden Esen and Elie Afif, to name a few.

Shefali Alvares

Shefali Alvares is a passionate vocalist, only 27 years old. She has grown up in the lap of music and her music taste includes; Jazz, R N B, Rock, Retro, Pop, Semi Classical Opera, Funk, Lounge, Experimental Fusion and Hip-hop. She pursued vocal training for over 6 years with the renowned teacher Celia Lobo, also studied Hindustani Classical for over a year and has been performing over the last 8 years at Concerts with her Dad, Mr. Joe Alvares and Musical Luminaries like Louis Banks, Karl Peters, Loy Mendonca, etc.


Dhruv Ghanekar

‘Distance’ is Dhruv’s debut as a solo artist. This fusion/world effort will set precedents for all World Artists emerging from the continent. With virtuoso arrangements, peaceful orchestration and an ability to bridge Jazz and contemporary Indian sounds, Dhruv is a complete guitarist, musician, and song-writer. We think so.

Samara Chopra

Begum X is Miss Samara Chopra, an MC, and vocalist from New Delhi, India. Apart from MCing, Samara is also the vocalist of Delhi ska outfit, The Ska Vengers, and also sings with Emperor Minge and has featured on stage with BASSFoundation and Bombay Basement.

Chetan Awasthi

A keen listener of old school music, including Classic Rock acts and blues bands, along with popular artists of the 70s and 80s, Chetan has certainly got the blues. Having started his musical journey after watching a concert of Michael Jackson, he began emulating the Icon, and later explored other artists, genres, and styles, and soon enough developed a style of his own

He works hard on his voice, but occasionally picks up the guitar to keep those fingers moving!

Trilok Gurtu

“Trilok Gurtu was born into a highly musical family in Bombay, India where his grandfather was a noted Sitar player and his mother Shobha Gurtu, a classical singing star and constant influence. He began to play practically from infancy at the age of six. Eventually, Trilok traveled to Europe, joining up with trumpeter Don Cherry (father of Neneh and Eagle Eye) for two years; touring worldwide with Oregon, the highly respected jazz group and was an important part of the quartet that L. Shankar led with Jan Garbarek and Zakir Hussain.”

Samantha Edwards

Samantha began her musical journey on stage at the age of five. She turned ‘professional’ at fourteen. Over the last 25 years, Samantha has performed at close to a thousand live gigs, and on several hundred films and advertisement jingles. Samantha performed on Coke Studio’s Season 3 in 2013.

In 1993, Samantha was part of the band ‘MANTRA’ which went to release their maiden album in 1996 titled ‘Jantar Mantar’ which was followed by the release of 3 videos that received airplay on MTV and Channel [V]

Meera Shenoy

At the young age of 20, Meera has been crooning about love and life with the maturity and authenticity that even experienced songwriters struggle to emulate.

She has been performing since 2011 and sings in English, French and Spanish, her speciality being kick-your-feet-back/pour-yourself-a-glass-of-wine kinda music.

Sonam Kalra

Sonam Kalra is a vocalist whose skill spans both Western and Indian musical traditions. She has trained in Indian classical music under Shubha Mudgal and Sarathi Chatterjee and has also studied varied genres of Western music including gospel and jazz under gospel singer Ashley Clement in Singapore, as well as classical opera under the noted tenor, Hur Chul Young. Sonam is also a writer, a stage, and television actor- she is a national award winning actress of The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award.


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